The thing to be careful of when living in Tijuana and is not being killed.

After just about 5 years living in Tijuana Mexico, the thing to be careful of is coming back to the US. I lived as what most consider a Digital Nomad in Mexico. In this article, the thing I wanna talk about more than anything is what happens when it’s all over and you gotta go home.

This is where it all catches up with you. Depending on how long you have been outta of the loop or where in the US you will be returning to prices and the landscape has changed. And depending on how serious you took the Digital Nomad lifestyle, you could also be fronting the cost for a car plus place to live for restarting your life.

it’s all reversed. You made a plan to Travel to Mexico… Asia or where ever you had to book a ticket, transportation.. same thing for the US.  Actually, I was a little lucky, only being in Mexico and my home base was in Las Vegas and the cost of living are very similar. Also, your savings all depend on the how well you know the Landscape.

Returning home a super star. Many of my friends ask me about my life, living outside the US. And they can’t understand because most are workers. Because no matter what happens im free to just turn around and go anywhere.

Plan an exit strategy from day one. A solid one. Coming back to the US is pricey.