Question about Tijuana

Donated $1 more. Wanted to ask some questions if you have time.
I was thinking about moving closer to the border, with the family, to save a little bit on health insurance. Idea is to live closer to the border, but being able to visit the doctor when it’s needed. Driving 50-70 miles one shouldn’t be a problem.
I wonder if it’s something real, can you give me your advice? You said “Border insurance in San Diego is, for the most part, a scam” ( – but I don’t understand if you mean health or any other insurance.
The health care in TJ is good, I think some insurance companies even work providers in Mexico (you may want to check on that). Tavel health insurance for Mexico would be almost worthless unless you actually had a heart attack and needed ambulance service and assistance back to the US.. Again I could only see this being helpful in near-death situations you can walk into a hospital/clinic see a doctor in Mexico for very cheap. Actually almost pocket change.

Car insurance is really a mixed bag, The most valuable part of Mex insurance is to save you from going to Jail in case you hurt or kill someone, or you somehow get blamed. Just about everything else can be settled for a few bucks on the spot. I have been in fender benders in Mexico.. 20$ in most cases..