Is moving Tijuana still a great value?

With recent rising rental cost is moving to Tijuana still a great value? With the recent changes to the San Ysidro line and opening of the Ped-west has sent the cost of rent in Tijuana and surrounding areas skyrocketing.

The questions is Tijuana still a great value? Has the recent changes to the border really made is easier to cross and make San Diego more accessible to working commuters living in TJ?

I would say No. Tijuana has many issues that don’t support these rental hikes. And most of these recent hikes are only supported by spectators and realtors not with any real changes that promote growth to¬†Tijuana.

It is True Tijuana is growing and a amazing place to live and the economy is booming, but the big issue is still safety, people are being killed and hung from bridges with TJ still dealing with deep corruption that has been a lead anchor around it’s neck. You either are turned on by Tijuana or not, it’s that simple. I think TJ has great things to offer people wanting to move there.

The facts are:

1. Line crossing times have not gone down, efficient line crossing times is holding Tijuana back from amazing growth. With the new Pedwest now open, that has cut and im proved walking times, more people are moving to the area most are not crossing on foot, most are crossing in a cars, so most of the changes are not helping the Ready Line car line that I feel needs the most improvements.

2. Insurance and protection for Americans has not been addressed. Border insurance in San Diego is for the most part a scam, petty theft is rampant in TJ and police are rotten to the core.

There is a very fine line that needs to be looked at before moving to Tijuana. Addressing 1. why are you moving to Tijuana. 2. Crossing the line.

I moved to Tijuana for Surfing and frankly avoiding the high cost San Diego to allow me free time and avoiding the 9-5 grind. I have been successful at avoiding some of that cost, but at times i’m not sure it has been worth it.

Tijuana has been good to me. I love the food, I love the people, but I am very careful.