How much is a root canal in Tijuana

Most Dentist in Tijuana Mexico will use an endodontist to come inhouse and do their Root Canal treatments.

There are many pain-free endodontists inTijuana they fluctuate in price a little.

Your Mexican Dentist will map out a treatment plan with pricing this is free in most cases unless you get some X-rays.  But even with X-rays this cost is still very low.

You can see mine in the example below

Also in Mexico, you can work on pricing and payment plans your dentist, unlike US dentist Mexican dentist do work with your budget, so don’t be scared to ask.

You have 3 parts.

  • Root removal/Endodonria-$180
  • Post/Poste-$120
  • Crown/Corona-$180

*Best to deal in dollars