Gringo Tour

Scott Asher (Gringo) offers guide services to Americans looking to find-out if Mexico is right for them.

My service provides a deeper look into the border region of San Diego and Mexico and how life looks for people looking to cross the boarder into the US and back into Mexico on a regular basis. Many people would like to try something like this, but are just too intimidated. Mexico is a great place to live. It is a very relaxing place, you can save some money and make some new friends.

Services offered for this package:

  • Apartment finder.
  • Guided tour for desired rental locations for Americans.
  • Negotiations for rentals.
  • How to use public transportation.
  • Dental, Medical.
  • Crossing the boarder.
  • Tijuana, playas, Rosarito Beach, k38
Scott also offers guide service for surfing south of the border.


Please note: Almost any place in the US bad things can happen, the stories that you hear about Mexico are almost never true. Mexico is not much different that what you would experience in the US. Mexico has world renown medical treatment facilities and many hidden treasures, and as a matter of fact, the Mexicans live there so why can’t you?

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