Question about Tijuana

Donated $1 more. Wanted to ask some questions if you have time.
I was thinking about moving closer to the border, with the family, to save a little bit on health insurance. Idea is to live closer to the border, but being able to visit the doctor when it’s needed. Driving 50-70 miles one shouldn’t be a problem.
I wonder if it’s something real, can you give me your advice? You said “Border insurance in San Diego is, for the most part, a scam” ( – but I don’t understand if you mean health or any other insurance.
The health care in TJ is good, I think some insurance companies even work providers in Mexico (you may want to check on that). Tavel health insurance for Mexico would be almost worthless unless you actually had a heart attack and needed ambulance service and assistance back to the US.. Again I could only see this being helpful in near-death situations you can walk into a hospital/clinic see a doctor in Mexico for very cheap. Actually almost pocket change.

Car insurance is really a mixed bag, The most valuable part of Mex insurance is to save you from going to Jail in case you hurt or kill someone, or you somehow get blamed. Just about everything else can be settled for a few bucks on the spot. I have been in fender benders in Mexico.. 20$ in most cases..

The thing to be careful of when living in Tijuana and is not being killed.

After just about 5 years living in Tijuana Mexico, the thing to be careful of is coming back to the US. I lived as what most consider a Digital Nomad in Mexico. In this article, the thing I wanna talk about more than anything is what happens when it’s all over and you gotta go home.

This is where it all catches up with you. Depending on how long you have been outta of the loop or where in the US you will be returning to prices and the landscape has changed. And depending on how serious you took the Digital Nomad lifestyle, you could also be fronting the cost for a car plus place to live for restarting your life.

it’s all reversed. You made a plan to Travel to Mexico… Asia or where ever you had to book a ticket, transportation.. same thing for the US.  Actually, I was a little lucky, only being in Mexico and my home base was in Las Vegas and the cost of living are very similar. Also, your savings all depend on the how well you know the Landscape.

Returning home a super star. Many of my friends ask me about my life, living outside the US. And they can’t understand because most are workers. Because no matter what happens im free to just turn around and go anywhere.

Plan an exit strategy from day one. A solid one. Coming back to the US is pricey.

Looking for a dentist in Las Vegas that takes payments?

Dentist in Las Vegas don’t take payments. The closest thing to Dentist taking payments in Las Vegas is scam dental financing.  But I have good news! A short drive down the 15 south to Tijuana Mexico you can find dentists lined up to take payments and get your teeth fixed for less than you can imagine.

Dentist in Tijuana Mexico are lined up to take payments for you and in most cases see you for free.

Fun Fact: Some dentist in Tijuana will even take and US insurance.

You don’t need to do into debt with dental financing to get great teeth that you can afford.

Living in Tijuana might be like the movie The Beach

Tijuana or even Mexico for that matter is not for everyone. It has to be inside you, you have to want it. I love Mexico and I think it loves me too. I love Mexican culture and people, the carefree way of living. Everything I did while I was there was fun.

I know that sounds very vague but everyone will experience Mexico differently. If you are moving to save money, then let me save you some time… you won’t save much money.

Cunning Dental versus going to Tijuana Mexico for dental work.

The good news is you don’t need to be able to afford car payment to get all your teeth fixed in Tijuana Mexico. On this website, I tell you how I got 13 teeth fixed what was all the work in my mouth for just about $1200.00 USD. Still, need payments? A fun fact many of the dentists in Tijuana Mexico will also take payments and may even work with your US insurance provider.

My story was I was quoted more than 15k to get all my teeth fixed and didn’t know where to turn. So I started reading about medical tourism, the good news is was living in Nevada only about 300 miles again from Tijuana.

How much is a root canal in Tijuana

Most Dentist in Tijuana Mexico will use an endodontist to come inhouse and do their Root Canal treatments.

There are many pain-free endodontists inTijuana they fluctuate in price a little.

Your Mexican Dentist will map out a treatment plan with pricing this is free in most cases unless you get some X-rays.  But even with X-rays this cost is still very low.

You can see mine in the example below

Also in Mexico, you can work on pricing and payment plans your dentist, unlike US dentist Mexican dentist do work with your budget, so don’t be scared to ask.

You have 3 parts.

  • Root removal/Endodonria-$180
  • Post/Poste-$120
  • Crown/Corona-$180

*Best to deal in dollars

Scared of going to the Dentist in Tijuana Mexico?

You have less to worry about than you think going to the dentist in Tijuana, the area around the border in Tijuana has tons of good dentist. I am scared of going to the Dentist, the Dentist wanted to meet with me. He knew what to do, he also was able to talk English.  I felt very good after meeting with him in person, very warm and personable guy.

You have about the same chance of having issues with your dentist in Tijuana Mexico as you do in the US, I have a tool that a dentist broke off in my tooth from a root canal done in Las Vegas, and it’s still inside the tooth!

How to find a good Endodontist in Tijuana Mexico.

It is very simple to find a good Dentist in Tijuana. Looking online at fake and unreliable reviews is not going to be helpful, You need to get a referral from someone. Getting first-hand information on local dentist is by far the best way.

Some of the best Dentist in Mexico are past the Zona Norte tourist areas, also cheaper with better opportunities to save money.

Are you looking for cheap root canal treatment in Tijuana Mexico?

This is not a stupid fake review website.

I want to share with you how I went to Tijuana Mexico and had all my teeth fixed for just about $1200, after being quoted more than $15,000 by a dentist in the United States.

Why did I go to Tijuana Mexico for my dental work? I knew I needed a good solution for my dental needs. I was past 40 years old and needed some serious dental work done and the dentist in the US wanted all the money upfront and that not an option. Because I don’t have 15k.

Most dental offices I went to in the US offer-Scam Dental Financing that amounted to car payments for your mouth.