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Cell phone that works in TJ and San Diego

One of the biggest issues with regularly commuting across the San Ysidro / Mexican border regularly is finding a cell phone that works both in Mexico and US without having 2 different phones.

They sell many weak products like Blu and other knockoffs and phones with 2 chips around the border. This solution is by far is the cheapest and the best way, having only one cell phone that is factory unlocked out of the box so you just add your chip.

All the Nexus phones have a hot swap chip bay on the side of the phone.

I have the perfect solution. It is to buy the Nexus 4,5 or 6. In most cases, even the older Nexus 4 is a much better phone than of the hottest and more expencive phones on the market like the iPhone 6 and the Samsung edge crap.

Starting at $100-$150 you can get a factory unlocked Nexus 4 phone … because these Nexus phones come factory unlocked from Google and without cell provider’s spam pre-installed. Out of the box, these phone can be used with any chip without unlocking. I use Telcel en Tijuana and the prepaid Smart talk from Walmart while in the US.

and as a bonus, I will tell you has to also receive US phone calls for you US number at no extra charge.