New open auto lines in San Ysido / Tijuana boarder crossing.

In the last 30 days Sept-Oct in 2014 I have been watching the crossing times online and the auto lanes and the wait times have not been over one hour.

Just about 90 days before the 2014 holiday season the auto line wait time has been very short, even on the very busy Sunday’s when traveler return to California! With the first phase of the new improvements finishing up at the San Ysidro border crossing and new open auto lines. This really opens TJ up to many opportunity’s.

Crossing times still unchanged in the pedestrian walking lane.

It is very favorable to people working in the US while crossing to work, and is likely going to open this area up to more people moving south. I wounder if long crossing times are a thing of the past. The line has gone though many phases and crossing times have been low before, but will this new change have the lasting effect to make casual crossing much easier and more predictable to commute crossing.

you can see upto date CBP border crossing times for San Ysidro here >