Crossing the border everyday from Mexico to the US

I most likely will be talking more about this in the near future, but I want to talk about crossing the border from Mexico everyday and working in the U.S. Many people cross the border everyday to work on the US side. Lots of Americans have found a little slice of heaven living on the other side of the border. Mexico has a bad rap form all kinds of stories, for the most part Mexico is safe.

Crossing by car- to cross the border by car you can be waiting anywhere from 5 min to 5 hours.

Crossing by foot – this is by far the best way to cross the border, if you are living in Mexico and need to cross the border, I think by foot is the best. One of the best reasons for this is, you can use the tram that goes to downtown San Diego that comes all the way to the border. You can park your car anywhere on the route. I would also say the time you will spend in the line will be shorter,

Crossing by bike –

7 thoughts on “Crossing the border everyday from Mexico to the US

  1. You mention crossing by bike, buy don’t go into detail. I assume you mean motorbike. I have heard irbid possible to just split lanes and go to the front of the line. I drive a bike, if this is true it would be a huge deal for me.

    Can you comment further?

  2. No I mean bike, when you are walking across the border, there is a lane that you can take advantage of. I bet it is 15 mins crossing time with a simple bike. As a matter of fact if you grab some corn in a cup at the border and sit back and watch the line, you will see people walking bikes to the front of the line. Follow them! *also you might have seen vendors with bikes, people will buy these to go to the front of the line. People also cut in line with a moped and motorbikes, these people are stopped, when they catch them! So you need to be careful.

  3. areyou sure there is a bicycle only lane from TJ to San Diego? Research on the internet suggest it shas been closed down. ANd i Have crossed many times on foot and never seen it. WHere is it?
    Why do you say motocycles are bad?

    Bicycle riders crossing over from Tijuana to San Diego had to get off and walk Sunday after U.S. border officials closed an unofficial bike lane. The bike lane was created after the Sept. 11 terrorism attacks to ease bottlenecks at the world’s busiest border crossing. U.S. officials say travelers abused the privilege when Mexican vendors began renting bikes to travelers trying to avoid the long wait to walk across. One said the crossing at times looked more like the Tour de France.

  4. Well I guess it’s not called the “bike lane.” I guess it would be better described as a weakness in border crossing working that allows one to move to the front towards the bus lane to be pass US border. It is very easy to see, if you stand and watch. You will see people on bikes passing the walking line

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