Best way to cross the border mexico border from TJ into San Diego for work everyday

This is a follow up on the story I did about living in TJ Mexico and crossing the border to work in San Diego :

I got an email, asking me what I thought would be the best way to cross the Mexican border to work in San Diego everyday. So I told her that I would reply to her question here on my blog, so others can read.

When crossing the border into the USA, the time you will be in line waiting to cross the border will be reduced by about 30%, if you cross on foot or riding a bike. Crossing the border into the US is one of the most difficult parts of Living in T.J. But crossing on foot provides you with shorter crossing times overall, and less traffic to deal with. Just as you come out the doors into the US, the trolley is just to the right. Even the Greyhound terminal is just around the corner, it goes to LA like 3 times a day. What I would do, is park my car along the trolley route and drive from there to work or where I wanted to go. The increased exercise you get from walking is excellent. In the long run you will save money, by doing this. Especially if you are looking for a job, to fit in to this type of lifestyle, it is best to get a job that is very flexible with the time you show up. If you are able, telecommuting is really the best way to go as you can get very cheap, reliable internet service in Mexico. Crossing the border anymore than once a week gets very old, fast. This is the number one reason people move back to the US.